The Life of the NICU

NICU Mama, my heart breaks for you.  I know exactly how you feel.  When you find out you are pregnant, you immediately start daydreaming all the things about your little baby.  Everything from name choices, how you will decorate the nursery, breastfeed or formula, to the brand of diapers and wipes.

You literally think about everything.  I mean pregnancy does feel like it is about 24 months long, right?? Lol!  Especially if this is your first child, you really have time to sit around thinking and daydreaming.

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Apps to Help Gain Control of Life

5 Free Apps Guaranteed to Help Manage Your Life

Life can be so chaotic and busy!!  You rush around from work to doctor’s appointments to therapy appointments to the grocery store.  Everywhere!!  You don’t have time to sit down until after your children are in bed for the night.  Sometimes, it is so hard to manage your life. (Checkout my top 5 Free Apps to Help Manage Your Life)

I used to be obsessed with paper.  I had a paper calendar, sticky notes, notepads, etc.  You name it and I had it.  I have always loved paper because I liked seeing everything in one place.  Writing everything down helped me to remember things.  If I didn’t write it down, it wouldn’t get done.  Continue reading

Consignment Sale

Are Consignment Sales Worth Your Time & Money

Kid’s clothes can be so expensive! It seems like they go through about 10 outfits in a day.  My daughter had acid reflux and seriously went through a bib and burp cloth at almost every feeding.  The first year, your child will grow so fast, it will seem like you are always cleaning out their closet and rotating clothes.  So, you may have heard of consignment sales for kids.  Are they really worth the money? It takes so much time to sell clothes and it seems like people are in line forever checking out at the register.  Continue reading

Toddler Doctors Appointments

3 Ways to Survive an All Day Toddler Doctors Appointments

My daughter was born with Spina bifida and it requires her to have a lot of doctors appointments at our local children’s hospital.  The hospital is about an hour and a half to two hours away depending on traffic.  In order to be more efficient, we try to schedule as many appointments as possible on the same day.  She also has Spina bifida clinic appointments that last all day too.  Going to all day long toddler doctors appointments are tiring and draining, to say the least. Continue reading

Save on Medical Bills

7 Ways to Save Money on Medical Bills

Who else is like me and gets medical bills and statements in the mail almost on a daily basis?  It can get so overwhelming, right?!?!?!  If your medical bills and statements are out of control and all over the house, read these tips to get them under control and then come back to me here.   Continue reading