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Are you having a tough time coming up with easy fundraising ideas that sell themselves?  We raise money every year for my daughter’s Walk-N-Roll for spina bifida.  The proceeds go to our local Spina Bifida Association.  We do a combination of a few of these fundraisers.  We have about 30 people on her team and about 8 people really help with the fundraising.  I choose 3-4 ideas and let the individual pick the idea that suits them the best.  The key is to get people comfortable.  If they are comfortable, the fundraiser is easy for them to sell.  Seriously!  It helps the fundraiser to sell itself when it is easy to sell for sure. 

10 Easy Fundraising Ideas

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Here are 10 easy fundraising ideas that sell themselves:

  1. Sell plants

Selling plants is easy.  We have sold mums each year for my daughter’s Walk-N-Roll team.  I signed up for a wholesale account with our local wholesale florist.  They sell me the mums at wholesale cost.  We make about $700 off just selling the plants.

The wholesale florist I use also sells mixed spring flats, ferns, poinsettias and a handful of other plants.  They cover all the seasons.  You must preorder them, and we pay when we get the flowers.  They even offer free delivery to my house.

The only downside to this one is getting the flowers to the people who purchased them can be a little time consuming, but we usually take one long weekend and knock them all out at one time.

  1. Bake Sale

My grandmother makes the best homemade pound cakes you have ever eaten :).  She donates the ingredients for her portion of the fundraiser and sells original, lemon, and chocolate pound cakes.

We have made a few hundred off this fundraiser and my grandmother has limited money in the ingredients.  This is one of the easiest items to do.

  1. Bike Rally

Our local Harley Davidson shop offers bike rallies for charity.  They don’t charge you to host the raffle, they do a free radio commercial advertising the event.

They charge the riders to participate in the event.  You request free items from local businesses to raffle off in the raffle.

This can raise a ton of money, like a few thousand if you plan in advance.  The downside is the planning in advance.  You have to give them a few months’ notice in order to pull this off.

  1. Candy Sale

You can buy candy for cheap at your local wholesale club.  You can sell the candy bars for $1.00 apiece.

Usually when you do this, most people purchase a handful of bars at a time.  They will even give you a $5 bill for 1 candy bar and tell you to keep the change.

My mother-in-law is obsessed with this one.  She raised over $700 with just this one sale last year!!

  1. Restaurant Sales

Some of our local restaurants and Chick-Fil-A in our area allow you to come to their restaurant one day and get donations.

Usually you either hand out a card for the customer to hand out to the cashier or the customer puts their receipt in a basket and the restaurant will give you a portion the select orders back in a donation to your charity.

You do have to plan this one a month or two in advance, but this one is super easy.  You do have to stay at the restaurant, but you literally just talk to the customers and ask them to either hand the cashier a card or drop their receipt in a basket and the restaurant cuts your charity a check.

Easy peasy!

You can also sell coupons for restaurants like Krispy Kreme.  They have coupons to sell and you get a portion of the sales.  Who can’t sell a Krispy Kreme donut?  Seriously!

  1. 50/50 Raffle

The next item is a 50/50 raffle.  Basically, you create raffle tickets and the winner gets half of the pot.  We raised over $500 with this one year.

You set a face value for the ticket at $5, for example, and for each ticket someone purchases, they get one entry into the raffle.

At the end of the sales period, you draw a name and that person gets half the pot.  Easy as pie!

  1. Car Wash

This is probably one of the hardest on the list, but one of the most popular.  Most of your local restaurants and stores will allow you do a car wash for donations to your charity.

This usually requires getting up early on a Saturday to wash cars.  Yuck! LOL!

  1. Sell food plates

Selling food plates is another great way to make money.  It can be challenging though!   I have personally sold breakfast biscuits and spaghetti plates.  Our church sells smoked Boston butts for our missions’ team.

The only time I did this one, I just sold them at my office so I didn’t have to run all over town delivering plates and trying to keep them warm in the process.

9. Sell T-Shirts

Selling custom t-shirts is another way to generate money.  This can get complex taking orders and money, but it can be a great and easy fundraiser.

Some websites allow you setup the shirt and fundraiser and the individual does their own order and it ships straight to their house and you just get the proceeds.

  1. Yard Sale

Yard sales are a great way to raise money for charity.  You can get people to donate things to you, have a yard sale, and donate the money to charity.  This also requires you getting up early on a Saturday and you may need some help selling the day of the sale and beforehand with the sorting.

Don’t go crazy your first time doing a fundraiser.  Just pick one or two items and get to selling!  Think about what would be the easiest to you and go.  Keep in mind, this will require some trial and error.

You may not get it perfect the first time around, but just keep tweaking each time and you will be more and more efficient.  Just plan early and allow yourself plenty of time to complete the fundraiser before your deadline.

The first time give yourself EXTRA time before the deadline.

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