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You would have no problem running your house if you could just find the time.  You have a million other priorities and spending all day doing home management tasks is not your cup of tea.  I get it.  It’s not glamourous.  What if I told you there are a lot of tasks you are doing manually that you set up on automation?  You can set up these 15 home management tips and almost not have to worry about them.

These tips will not require much effort after you start automating them.  Put these things on autopilot and you will not have to spend a ton of time on them again.

15 Home management tips for automation:

1. Finances

Automating your finances is the first thing you can do to make your life easier.  I spend way less time actually doing our family’s finances since automating them. 

Here are some ways you can automate your family’s finances:

Direct deposit

Sign up for a direct deposit for any money you are receiving.                                 

A). paycheck

B). taxes

C). refunds.

D). insurance claims, etc.

Automatic bill-pay                                                                                                                                                          

You can complete auto bill-pays a couple of different ways:                                                                                     

A). Process through the billing company (ex: power company) and get them to debit your account             

B). Do it through bill pay with your online banking account (see your bank for details and instructions). This does require a little bit more time to setup. 

You set it up and then when the bill comes in the mail, you go to your online banking account and type in the amount to send to the company. 

The bank will either send them a check on your behalf or send it electronically.  This way does take more time and isn’t as quick.


That’s right you can “almost” set it and forget it with your budget. You can sign up with a budgeting app (like EveryDollar, Mint, or You Need a Budget) and input your first budget                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

One thing I like about this is that it calculates while you go.  You can also get a bunch of data about your  spending habits, etc.  The budget will roll over month to month unless you change it.

This requires minimal effort on your part to get that budget started.

You will still need to look at your budget each month, but you won’t have to type in that your mortgage        payment is $1250 every single month.  It will just roll over unless you change it.

 2. Groceries

You can automate your groceries in a variety of ways depending on your wants and needs.

Grocery Pickup

Grocery pickup is a time saver.  You can do this through many grocery stores and supermarkets.  (Target & Wal-Mart, etc). You just put your order into the app by scanning the barcode on the item or searching for it.

You input your order, choose day and time for pickup, and you’re almost done.  You just need to go pick it up from the store and put it away when you come back home.

This saves you money too because you can see your subtotal after every single item you add.  So if you need to adjust some things to stay within budget, you can do it easily.

Tip: When you open up the last container of something, just add it straight to your electronic grocery list on your phone (create one in the notes section of your phone) or straight onto the grocery pickup app.

Automatic subscriptions

This one is amazing too!  You can sign up through Amazon or Target and get things automatically shipped to your house when you need them!

You can set them up to automatically send to you every 4 weeks (or however long you need) and they will bill your account and ship them to you.

You can pause these and edit them to come in sooner or later.  Amazon makes this easy with Alexa and the Dash Button too! 

3. Medicine

Auto refill

Do this at your local pharmacy either in person, over the phone, or through their app.

From my experience, there are some exceptions to this with some insurances and medicines, so you may not be able to do all of your meds.   

Mail-order pharmacy   

Check with your insurance company for a list of approved mail-order pharmacies. You can get a 30, 60, or 90-day prescription mailed to you at little to no cost!

4. Routines 


You can automate the dishes! It is “almost” effortless.  The trick to this is to always put away your dishes quickly after the cycle is complete.  That way, your dishwasher only ever has dirty dishes in it.  Train your family (husband AND kids) to always put their dishes into the dishwasher every single time. 

Whoever sees that it is full has to put the detergent tab in and turn it on.  That is the rule we have in our house.                                                                                                                                                                                                 

I will also cycle the dishes when the dishwasher is almost full if I know I am about to have a lot of dishes from dinner or something. It doesn’t have to be slammed full to cycle.


You can do laundry automatically on a certain day of the week so you don’t have to have to think about it. (Think Sheldon from Big Bang Theory- Laundry Fridays, LOL!).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

If your children are old enough, they can do their own laundry.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

You can load the washing machine at night with clothes, detergent, etc. and then delay it to start so you can put it in the dryer soon after you wake up each morning.

5. Errands

Banking transactions: 

Most banking transactions can be done through:

Night dropbox


Mobile app


You should very rarely have to go to the bank.  You can even apply for a loan over the phone or through the bank’s website now.

Car maintenance

Quick oil change shops

Call ahead and schedule your work.  That way you know they can fit you in and should have parts on hand to limit your wait time.

You can work from the shop to maximize your wait time. 

Some mechanic shops offer a courtesy pick up or drop off for a nominal fee.

Schedule the next appointment BEFORE you leave the shop so you don’t have to worry about that later.

Grocery delivery 

If grocery pickup or going to the grocery store isn’t your thing, try grocery delivery.  You can check Shipt and Instacart to see if you are in their delivery area. 

You do have to pay a fee for these but is usually just a tip to the driver and a flat rate to the company.  If you’re in a pinch or just want to outsource this, the fee is worth it! 

 Delivery for dinner, medicine, etc.

A lot of places are offering delivery now.  Our local pharmacy offers delivery of medicine for a $4 fee no matter how many prescriptions you have!  

Use a food delivery service instead of waiting in the drive-thru forever for your meal.  Check out Uber Eats (use code eats-jenniferj86x3ui for $7.00 off your first order, DoorDash, Waitr, GrubHub, ChowNow, etc. 


6. Register for appointments ahead of time

Pre-register for your appointments ahead of time.  A lot of doctor’s offices are doing this now.  You can usually get the paperwork emailed/mailed to you and you can fill out the paperwork ahead of time on your own time and submit before you even walk into your appointment.  This limits your wait time and helps your children not get bored to tears hanging out in the waiting room.

7. Meal Planning

Meal planning can automate dinner time. No more thinking about what to cook.  You don’t have to worry about what to thaw out at the last minute. For meal planning like pro tips click here.  

Make theme nights with your meal planning. Maybe  you do Taco Tuesday or Pasta Friday or Pizza  Wednesday.  This makes it so much easier to come up  with meal planning ideas and automates meal planning.


8. Unsubscribe from emails

You can unsubscribe from emails quickly through You just sign in to your email account from their website and click the emails you don’t want.  They will unsubscribe you and you won’t get those pesky junk emails again. 


9. Use apps to your advantage

Mobile banking saves you trips to the bank.

Store apps save you from going into the store.  (Amazon, Target, your local boutique store)

Kindle appget books delivered directly to your phone or tablet

Libby app– this is a free app where you link up to your local library and can check out eBooks for free through the app

Google calendar- Set up reoccurring events so you never forget.  Tip: Put appointments straight into your calendar right away before you leave the office and you will never forget another appointment again!

10. Outsource

You can outsource so many things that you don’t want to do or don’t want to make time for.  There is no shame in outsourcing.

Swap tasks/chores with a friend- Maybe your friend always cooks dinner and needs a babysitter.  Watch her child in exchange for a meal service or laundry service, etc.

Household help

  • Pool maintenance
  • Cleaning your house
  • Mowing your lawn
  • Mommy’s helper, etc.

Figure out which areas you need help with and hire them out!

Meal delivery service

Maybe meal planning ain’t your thing or you don’t want to plan for the whole week.  Try a meal delivery service.  They can deliver a whole meal shipped to your house!  Try HelloFresh, Home Chef, Blue Apron, etc.

Check local restaurants

Since Covid-19, a lot of restaurants are creating family meals that are already cooked or frozen things that require little to no effort on your part.

Get your kids to do chores

Depending on your kid’s age, they can help out a lot around the house.  Even my children (ages 4 and 2) put their food in the trash and their dishes into the sink after every meal.  My daughter (age 4), helps fold washcloths and small hand towels.  She also helps me cook.  My children love helping around the house.  We focus on creating a team environment.  No one is exempt from working or helping out.

11. Invest in smart appliances

There are so many appliances that run on their own or you just load them and program them when to start.  Here are a few examples:

Roomba robot vacuum cleaner- This can help you clean up random dirt and things on the floor.  Total lifesaver with children!


Washing machine- You can load your washing machine and program them when to start (not on older models) and they can be ready for you to transfer to the dryer when you wake up or after lunch, or whenever you want to.

Coffee Pot- Preload your coffee pot and have it hot and ready for you when you get up in the morning.

Programmable slow cooker- No more not using a slow cooker because you aren’t home to turn it off or you will be gone longer than the 6 hours the recipe calls for.  Just program it, set it, and forget it.  It will switch to warm and warm for you when you get home.

Instant Pot cook food in 1/3 the time of a regular slow cooker.  You can even cook frozen meat!


12. Use your phone

Use Siri or Google Assist to your advantage.  Put your smartphone to work!

  • Search the internet for you
  • Set reminders
  • Create events
  • Set alarms
  • Call/ Text/ FaceTime or Google Duo your contacts
  • Turn on a timer
  • Launch apps
  • Find and read emails for you
  • Calculate or perform quick conversions for you
  • Get directions
  • Take notes

These are just some of the things that Siri or Google Assist can do for you.

13. Automate your appointments

  • Yes, you can automate your appointments.  Here are some examples:
  • Your child’s speech therapy- every Wednesday at 8:00 AM
  • Your cleaning lady- every Friday at noon
  • Your pest control service- every three months and have them call you to schedule if they don’t schedule that far out
  • Ask people to call you INSTEAD of you calling them (Remember you are the customer.  This is part of customer service.) If they don’t do this, just ask Siri to remind you in three months (or whenever needed) to remind you to call for a pest control appointment.

14. Ask yourself: Can I automate this or make it easier?

Your brain is smart.  Put it to use.  Asking yourself questions is a great way to figure things out.  Whenever I think a task can be done easier, I ask myself, is there a way to make this easier or to automate it?  You will be surprised when you figure it out.

15. Automate gift-giving

Baby showers, Wedding, Graduation, Housewarming Gifts, etc.

Just go to their registry, order the item and ship it to their house.  Most gift registries (like Amazon & Target) make the receiver give a mailing address.  Just ship it to them.  You don’t have to get them a card they will probably throw away.  You don’t have to worry about trying to get the gift to them if you can’t go to the shower. You don’t have to worry about gift wrap.  Just ship it.

Presents for your children

How many times do people not know what to get your child?  Especially if they have special needs.  They don’t know if they are allergic to something or if something just won’t work for your child and get confused.

Create a public wish list on Amazon with ideas for what to get your child.  This isn’t to insinuate they HAVE to get them THESE gifts. This just gives them ideas.  They can see the brand, the price, the description, and even order it from the list if they want to.  They can order it from Amazon or find it on their own.  All you do is go to Amazon and create a public wish list and text/email them the link when they ask what to get your child(ren). Tip: You can do these months in advance and add to the list when you get new ideas.

A lot of things you are doing in your day to day life can be done automatically.  This isn’t to say that you are lazy or incapable of doing these things.  You are minimizing and simplifying the things you do to save room for the things that matter the most.  You don’t have to be stuck in “trenches” of home-management. You can get a lot of things on automation so you can do more enjoyable things. 


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