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Everywhere you look, all you hear about is balance.  Here are the secrets to having a balanced life. If you do this, you will be balanced.  If you aren’t balanced, then you must be doing something wrong.  Why can’t you just be balanced?  All of the wives and moms that are perfect are balanced.  It is like if you aren’t “balanced”, you have a problem or there is something wrong with you.  I am sick of hearing the word balanced.  You need to STOP striving for balanced once and for all!3 reasons to stop striving for a balanced life

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Why would you not want to be balanced?  I mean, everyone is telling you that you need balanced.  Before we figure out why you need to be balanced, let’s take a quick look at the definition of balance.

The true definition of balance is a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.

Nothing is ever going to be equal

Okay, so looking at the definition of balance, we see that everything is in equal proportions.  How are you going to have everything in equal proportions?  

Spend 8 hours at the office, 8 hours at the gym, 8 hours with your family, 8 hours with God.  How on earth is that possible?

Because it isn’t possible at all.  There is no way for everything to be balanced.  Stop trying to make everything equal.

Not realistic

Balance is not a realistic expectation.  There is no way you can achieve balance, so why would you even try?  You are fighting a losing battle.

Nothing is ever going to be equal, so stop trying!!

Won’t win

If you are trying to achieve perfect balance, you aren’t going to win.  You will lose every time.  You are wasting your time and energy on something that will never happen.

You could spend your time and energy on a lot more things that you can have a lot more success with than trying to fight a losing battle.  Trust me!

What to do instead

Instead of trying to balance everything, try something different.  Just focus on the here and now.  Be present wherever you are currently.

If you are at work, focus on work.  If you are at home, focus on home and your family.

You will be much better focusing on where you are and being present.

Stop striving for balance.  You are fighting a losing battle and you won’t win.  There is no sense in wasting all of your time and energy striving for something that will never happen.  Just focus on where you are and you will do fine ?.