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I know exactly how you feel.  You are tired and overwhelmed.  Every single time you go into the pantry and a box falls out you want to scream!  You keep on putting off organizing the pantry because it seems overwhelming.  Not because it is hard, but because it will take so long and you have 999 million more things on your to-do list and this isn’t at the top.  That doesn’t stop it from annoying you every single time you open that pantry door.  If you could find some easy organizing tips that wouldn’t take long you could take care of this.  

5 Easy Organizing Tips for Busy People

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I used to go through these scenarios every day.  I FINALLY figured out the steps to getting organized when you are busy.  Here are easy organizing tips for busy people so you can get that pantry or whatever space drives you crazy FINALLY organized.

Easy Organizing Tips

Write Down Every Room or Space You Want to Organize

5 Easy Organizing Tips for Busy People

The first step is to write down every room or space you want to organize on a sheet of paper.  Try to think of every single space that is driving you crazy.  If the whole room needs to be organized, write down each zone in the room.

In your bedroom, for example, write down each section as its own zone.  (Dressers, nightstands, closets, etc.)

Prioritize Your List

The next step is to prioritize the items on your list.  List them in order of importance starting with the zones driving you the craziest.

Make a Schedule

5 Easy Organizing Tips for Busy People

The third step is to make a schedule.  Now, this doesn’t have to be a firm schedule.  You just need to write down when you want to do each task.  If you are really busy, just give yourself a week for each zone.

Set Your Timer for 15 Minutes

The fourth step is to set your timer for 15 minutes and get to work.  Just try to find 15 minutes per day to work on your task.  Maybe after the kids go to bed or take away 15 minutes of watching TV and organize instead.  15 minutes per day isn’t a huge time commitment, but by the time the week is over, you should have that pantry organized.

Take a Break

The next step is to take a break.  This is a marathon, not a sprint.  You don’t have to tackle an organization project each week.  If you are having a particularly busy week, don’t worry.  The mess will be there the next week.  Don’t beat yourself up over it.

How do you find time to organize?  Let me know in the comments below.