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Did you know these 5 free apps can help you manage your life? Yes, you read that right. They can help you automate and manage your life. As a special needs mom, I know your life is chaotic and outta control. You need all of the automation you can get because you need to spend so much more time with your child for their therapies, medical needs, and appointments.

I am obsessed with digital organization and all things apps. The reason……. you don’t need another big book or more things to carry around with you, do you? Nope, didn’t think so. I love digital things so much because it can help you run your home in a minimalist fashion without all of these papers and binders everywhere. Cause if you’re being real with yourself, you don’t need any more paper clutter around your house, right?

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Without further ado, let’s get to the home management apps.


1. Cozi

I can’t say enough great things about Cozi. Cozi has helped me simplify my family’s schedule. Cozi is a free family schedule app. It’s available on both iPhones and Androids. You add events to the calendar with assigned family members. For instance, when I put a doctor’s appointment into the calendar, I add the child and the parent taking them to the appointment.

This prevents tons of conversations and back and forth figuring out who's taking the child to the appointment. Everyone in my household knows the system and that means fewer questions about what's going on. This saves me a ton of time. The assigned people on the event will get a reminder before the event (15 minutes- 1 hour out- whatever you set up in the app for that appointment).

That means if your husband is taking your child to the soccer game, he and the child, will get a notification and/or email. It’s wonderful! I have a deep dive review on this app here. The app is so much more than a calendar. I use it for my lists too. You can have a grocery list and a to-do list in the app.


2. Reminders

I love the free Reminders app that comes standard on the iPhone. They do have reminder apps for Androids too. I put reminders in here for all kinds of things.

I use it to help me develop new habits. For example, if I’m trying to do better about doing my devotional every single morning or remember to water my plants, I add it to the app. This makes a notification pop up on my phone screen reminding me to do the task. I have to click on the done button for it to be deleted from the app.

I use it to remind me to order prescriptions, medical supplies, and make appointments. Our insurance doesn’t allow automatic refills on certain things, so I use this to remind myself to call the medical company and pharmacy to reorder my daughter’s medical supplies.

3. Notes

The notes app is also standard with iPhones. It is so helpful. Anytime I am thinking of anything I don’t want to forget, it goes into the notes app. For example, anytime I think of a good idea for anything like my home, business, etc. I write it in my brainstorm note. I also write out things I don’t want to forget like when someone tells me something, notes from a podcast, etc.

It’s basically anything that pops into my brain that I want to remember in the future. As moms, things are always popping into our heads and it is so nice to be able to type it into a note and not have to worry about it. I look at it periodically and when I’m doing my weekly planning time to add things to my calendar. It’s like my brain on paper. I love it! 


4. EveryDollar & My Online Banking App

I love love love these free apps. Even though we don’t talk about money around here, this is GOLD! The EveryDollar app helps me track my budget and spending like a boss. You will be surprised about your expenses and what you're actually spending vs what you think you're spending. This app is so eye-opening. You can see how much you spent in each category and the budget automatically flows over to the next month, so you don't have to go in and re-type everything.

I love my online banking app too. I put these two together because together they help me balance my checkbook and make sure I am on track with my money goals. 

5. Dropbox

I seriously love this app. I am a minimalist when it comes to paper, but what I do want to keep gets scanned and saved into this little app. It’s free up to a certain storage amount and it is wonderful. It’s a digital filing cabinet. You can look at the images on your phone and email them to people if you needed to. You don’t need to keep all of those copies and papers everywhere. Keep everything here. No more filing cabinets and file boxes. Yes!!

I can't stand paper clutter and this app helps me keep the things I want to without all of the physical clutter. Side note: since you are storing personal information on this, make sure you have a password that is complex and can’t easily be hacked.

You can use LastPass to help you remember the password. LastPass is a free tool that can help you remember all of your passwords. You can create hard/complex passwords for your accounts and just remember the LastPass password. When you go to the website, you just use the LastPass browser extension to get access. I love it too, but I don’t use the app version so that’s why it’s not on this list.


These apps truly help me run my home like a well-oiled machine. I am a minimalist and hate clutter and these apps replace so much paper I had around the house. Seriously, before I started implementing and using these apps, I had countless binders around, filing cabinet, file box, etc. I had paper everywhere. And that’s after I “organized” it. I ditched almost all of my paper and went digital instead and haven’t looked back. I love not having to deal with that paper!

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