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You hear about routines all of the time, but you just haven’t started.  Maybe it’s because you can’t find the time, or because you are just procrastinating waiting for the perfect moment.  Not to burst your bubble, but you will never have the perfect moment to start routines.

There will never be a perfect item to do anything.  You just have to start.  Routines can help you streamline and automate your home so you can find more time to do things you really want to do like work on your goals.

Here are 10 reasons you need to start routines today.


Alleviate anxiety and stress

Routines help alleviate anxiety and stress because you are streamlining the processes in your home.  When you take time out to start routines, you don’t have to think about what to do in the moment. You know something will eventually get taken care of because it’s in the routine, so you don’t have anxiety and stress about everything.  Your house runs smoother, is more organized, and you have more free time to do other things.


More organized

When you have routines, you are more organized.  You don’t have to think about what’s next on the agenda because you already know.  Your brain LOVES routines.  It loves being able to predict what’s going to happen.  This alleviates anxiety and stress and leaves you feeling more in control and organized. This also helps you be more organized because you are more proactive because you plan a little ahead of time.  You have less surprises.


Less likely to forget something

When you have routines in your life, your brain works on autopilot. You don’t have to REMEMBER to do everything. It just comes naturally. Think about driving to work.  You don’t have to tell yourself to take every turn. You just already know. You don’t miss a turn because you automatically take it.  When you are on autopilot, you are less likely to forget something.


Routines save you time.

Routines help save you time because you aren’t constantly figuring out what to do. You already know what to do.  When you have a routine on autopilot, you can move from task to task easier. As opposed to figuring it out on the fly, you have to stop and think and try to remember what you need to do before you do it.

With routines, you already know what to do and you don’t have to think about it, therefore, saving you time. It takes the guesswork out of what you want or needs to be doing. This also increases your efficiency. You save time which allows you to focus on the things you really want to do like to spend time with your family and pursue your dreams.

Help provide structure

Routines help provide a structure that our brains really LOVE! Our brain tries to be automatically as efficient as possible and loves not having to think as hard. Routines help your brain use less energy. Kids love and crave structure too! That’s why a kid in school can be “bad” in a less structured class, but “good” in another more structured class.

They like knowing what to expect. Routines also help with executive functioning skills which will help your children if they experience this. Executive functioning (according to is a set of mental skills that include working memory, flexible thinking, and self-control. Routines help kids (and adults) flex their executive functioning muscle.


Helps you get important (to you) things done

Routines help you get the things that matter to you done. You get to decide on what goes into your routine. When you start routines, you decide what goes into the routine, so you can make sure to prioritize what matters to you.


Reduces the need for willpower

Routines reduce the need for willpower in the moment. You don’t have to have as much willpower when it’s something you are just used to doing.  You only have so much energy you can devote to willpower each day.  As you go throughout your day, your energy for willpower slowly depletes. When you already determined ahead of time to do your evening routine, you don’t have to talk yourself into it. You just do it.


Routines help you with decision fatigue.

Routines help with decision fatigue.  The average person makes around 35,000 decisions a day.  It is easier for your brain to do things on autopilot (in the form of routines) so it can save energy by not having to make as many decisions.

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Helps you avoid procrastination

When something is in our routine and you decide that you’re gonna do ahead of time, you are more likely to do it and not procrastinate. When you know what’s coming, how long it’s gonna take, etc. you are less likely to procrastinate.


Routines provide the foundation for our home.  They are essential to home management.  When we have good, solid routines in place, we can rest easy knowing that things will get done because we have a plan.  When we have a plan, we are more likely to stop procrastinating and just get it done.

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