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Self-care is kind of a buzz word lately, but it confuses a lot of people.  There is a lot of misinformation out there about self-care.  For the record, self-care is (according to Google), the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s health.  Self-care can look different to everyone. 

As moms, we play into the myths about self-care and think self-care isn’t for us.  Self-care is for everyone.  It is so important for everyone, especially special needs moms, to have a regular self-care routine.  When you take care of yourself, you can care for the other ones around you in a better less stressed way. 

“Self-care is a priority and a necessity, not a luxury.”  – Unknown


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    Let’s unpack a few myths about self-care and why they are myths:


    Self-care is too high maintenance.

    Some women believe self-care is too high maintenance.  The danger with this is that most women believe high maintenance is a bad word.  Practicing self-care is not high maintenance.  It’s a necessity.  You need self-care.  It’s hard to pour into others with an empty tank.


    Self-care is one size fits all

    A lot of women believe self-care is one size fits all.  It’s what is on the infographics on Pinterest. That’s self-care.  Self-care isn’t one size fits all.  It’s called SELF-care meaning for you.  You get to decide what that looks like for you.  Self-care is whatever you decide.


    Self-care takes too much time.

    There isn’t a certain amount of time that you have to devote to self-care every week. Whatever you want is up to you.  You get to decide. Self-care can take a little bit of your time or a chunk of time.  You don’t have to go to a spa day to say you’re doing self-care.  It can take 5 minutes a day or 50. You can do it once a day or once a week.  The choice is yours.


    You have to earn self-care.

    You don’t have to earn self-care.  You get to do self-care without doing anything in return.  You don’t have to clean the whole house top to bottom before you practice self-care. Heck, you can stop right now and go practice self-care if you want!

    Self-care is a right for everyone. It doesn’t have to be earned.

    You have to buy self-care.

    Self-care can be free. Self-care doesn’t require you to buy cosmetics, health, and beauty products.  You can do plenty of free things for self-care. Self-care is customizable to you and your needs and budget. You don’t need to buy anything if you don’t want to. Now if you want to buy something, there’s nothing wrong with that either.


    Self-care is whatever makes you feel better.

    Self-care isn’t whatever makes you feel better.  Drinking a bottle of wine every night to escape your feelings is not self-care.  Self-care is not diving headfirst into a plate of brownies because you’ve had a bad day.  Self-care is supposed to make you feel better. These things temporarily make you feel better but aren’t good for you because they aren’t healthy for you.


    Self-care is something you need because something is wrong with you.

    There is not anything wrong with you. You don’t need to practice self-care because you think something is wrong with you. You get to practice self-care because you’re human and it’s your right. Self-care is about loving yourself and taking care of yourself. You don’t need to deserve to show yourself, love.


    Self-care is all or nothing.

    There isn’t a set way to do self-care.  You don’t have to do a 10-step skincare routine from Pinterest (unless you want to) for self-care.  You can pick and choose what you want in your self-care routine.


    Self-care is optional.

    Self-care is often viewed as optional or something you will do when you have the time. But self-care isn’t optional. You need and deserve self-care. You need to recharge and refuel.  You give and give and give. You have to find a way to take time for self-care and recharge.


    Self-care is selfish.

    This is seriously the craziest one on the list.  It isn’t selfish to want to take care of yourself.  Self-care is anything but selfish. Self-care helps you refuel so you can be a better version of yourself which in turn benefits everyone around you.  That is anything but selfish.

    It’s all about the manis, pedis, and spa days.

    Self-care isn’t JUST about manis, pedis, and spa days.  Although it can include that if you want it to.  Self-care is whatever you say it is for you.  It can be journaling in a gratitude journal. It can be sitting in peace and quiet for 10 minutes before you wake up your kids for the day. It’s whatever you want it to mean for you.


    Self-care is so essential for women today, but many do not make time for it for themselves because they buy into these myths.  These are just MYTHS, Mama.  They aren’t true. Don’t let anyone tell you self-care is a luxury. It is a right.  You get to practice self-care on your own terms. No one can define self-care for you.


    One form of self-care is creating routines in your household.  It helps you make things run smoother and faster so you can have time to work on the things you want to, like your goals and dreams.  You can grab our 30 Minutes to a More Successful Morning HERE or below for FREE.  It is a daily checklist that you can use to help you prepare your mornings for success. Your mornings can be more controlled and less chaotic in just 30 minutes a day. What are you waiting for? Sign up now- it’s free.

    Stop dreading every morning

    Are you tired of rushing around every single morning? This checklist will help you prep your morning for success in just 30 minutes a day to STOP rushing & reacting.

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