Hi, I’m Jennifer!  I’m a sassy southerner who doesn’t like sweet tea and think Diet Coke and Mexican food should be their own food groups.  I am married to the love of my life, Garrett, and we have two children, a daughter named Ryann (pronounced Ryan), and a son named Reid.  Welcome!

Let me just start by saying I used to be stuck in overwhelm, stress, and burnout.  I felt like I couldn’t keep my head above water no matter what I tried. I was living in reactive mode. 

I couldn’t seem to get ahead. I was struggling daily with my many hats (wife, mom, full-time employee). I felt like a zombie.  My life was out of control.

I kept scouring Pinterest for the latest and greatest routines and budgets.  When they didn’t seem to work for me? How do they seem to work for everyone else? Am I a unicorn, or what?

I knew I had to get out from underneath the overwhelm and busyness.  There had to be a way to live my dream life and still be a wife and mom.  I couldn’t keep doing the same thing that wasn’t working.

I didn’t want my whirlwind life to pass me by and wonder what kind of what the heck happened.

I dove headfirst into creating routines, starting a budget, and personal development.  I learned how to manage my home AND my mind.

I FINALLY dug myself outta the hole and figured out how to make marriage, motherhood, home management, and owning a business work for me. 

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, stick around.  There’s a sign-box below to get a weekly dose of encouragement and tips delivered straight to your inbox.