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Kid’s clothes can be so expensive! It seems like they go through about 10 outfits in a day.  My daughter had acid reflux and seriously went through a bib and burp cloth at almost every feeding.  The first year, your child will grow so fast, it will seem like you are always cleaning out their closet and rotating clothes.  So, you may have heard of consignment sales for kids.  Are they really worth the money? It takes so much time to sell clothes and it seems like people are in line forever checking out at the register. 

Consignment Sale

So how do you know if they are worth your time?  I know it is worth your time and money to shop and buy from consignment sales.  You can save so much money on consignment sales on kid’s clothes.  So how are consignment sales worth the money?  **Checkout our Consignment Sale Cheat Sheet to get 4 steps to take the stress out of consignment sales*

Here are 4 money-saving tips to prove consignment sales are worth your money.


1. Research before shopping

Where I live, there seems to be an overabundance of kids consignment sales.  I can think of at least five off the top of my head.  There is no need to drive yourself crazy trying to go to every one.  How do you figure out which one is the best for you?

You can pick the one closest to you, the one that has the most baby equipment, the one with the most play clothes.  It really depends on your needs.  Some consignment sales might have more baby equipment and clothes.  Others may have more things for older children.  I buy at one consignment sale and sell at two consignment sales.  One sale is better for purchasing like new name brand clothes and has A LOT of inventory.  I prefer to sell just enough to get in early and do all of my purchases at this sale.  The other sale is where I resell my children’s outgrown clothes and equipment.


2. Consignment Sales Are Picky When Accepting Items

Consignment sales are very picky about the items they choose to sell.  You can look on their website to see their consignor rules.  When I sell things at a consignment sale, they always look at each item to make sure it is clean, not damaged, and doesn’t stink, etc.  They only accept high-quality items.  They also have pricing guidelines on their website for what each type of item will sell for at the sale.


3. Know Your Prices and Brands

You still have to know your prices to an extent.  This will help you determine if an item is a good deal or not.  If you aren’t familiar with a certain brand, you can just search on Google and compare prices right there in the store.  Some items will be overpriced, but you can get great deals at consignment sales.  I purchased all of my daughter’s summer clothes at the consignment sale for around $250 (she is two so her clothes are cheaper than older kids).  They have nicer clothes for church, taking pictures, etc.  They have play clothes.  I have purchased a Ralph Lauren Polo onesies for my son for $5 a piece and Melissa and Doug puzzles for my daughter for $2 a piece.

Knowing your prices is key.  At consignment, you expect to pay about 40% or lower on items.  (40% for name brand items and significantly lower for other brands).

I am not against Wal-Mart clothes, but Garanimals are around $2-$4 a piece.  There are always some Garanimal items at the consignment sale for the same price as new items at Wal-Mart.  Well, I am not going to pay the same price for a used piece of clothing that I will pay brand new at the store.


4. Get Extras of Things for Daycare and Grandparents House

Another great thing about buying things at consignment is you can get really cheap things to have a second or third of an item for daycare or grandparent’s house.  For example, a baby swing might cost $80-$120 or more depending on the brand and features.  You might pay about $20-$30 at the consignment sale.  The $20 or $30 swing is worth not having to pack up a swing every time your child goes to stay at grandma’s house.

You can also get cheap toys, movies, books, etc.  I bought my daughter a ride-on rocking giraffe to keep at my parent’s house for $5 and already had batteries and the music still played!!! My daughter was able to get a toy for my parent’s house and work on her strength building.  So she thinks she is playing with a toy, but we are secretly sneaking in therapy into her playtime.  Win-win!

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Selling at a Consignment Sale

1. Takes a Lot of Time to Get Things Ready to Sell

One downside of selling at consignment sales it can take a lot of time if you aren’t efficient and productive.  If you know you want to sell at a consignment sale, you can go ahead and pack the small clothes away ready to sell as your child outgrows them.  The consignment sale I use, wants the items washed, ironed, and on a certain way on the hanger.  Well if I do this as I go, I save a lot of time.  The only thing I have to do when I am ready to sell is tag and go.

Just start stockpiling the things you want to sell your attic, garage, closet or wherever it is out of the way. If you prepare as you go, you will save a lot of time.



2.  Make Money Selling Items

The best part of selling at the consignment sale is the paycheck!! You do have to pay a commission to the consignment sale business, but you don’t have to sell things on Facebook Marketplace and run around trying to meet the people and get your money.  You just drop everything off at one place and they do all the selling for you.

The last consignment sales I bought/sold at I purchased $450 and sold $250.  So the net is I purchased $200.  I looked like I only saved $200, but when you consider what I would have purchased these items new, I really racked up on the savings!!  Well worth the money to me!!

Consignment sales are a great way to save money on your kid’s clothes, toys, equipment, etc.  Will a little work, you can make some or all of your money back.  It is a great way to get children’s clothes for cheap!

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