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If you dread laundry time, have mounds of clothing all over the house, or just want to finally create a laundry routine, this is for you.  You can master your laundry routine in no time flat.  We will work through the woes of creating and maintaining a laundry schedule that fits your family’s lifestyle and needs.  The reason many built for you routines on Pinterest is that they aren’t personalized for your family.  If they aren’t personalized for your family, they won’t work.  There are so many variables and moving parts to every family, that one size fits all doesn’t work.

We will cover the benefits of having a laundry schedule, how to create your laundry schedule, and tips for success with your laundry.


Benefits of a laundry schedule


  • You don’t have to worry about it all of the time. You know when you are going to do laundry.  It doesn’t always loom over your head like a dark cloud 24/7.
  • You don’t run out of clothes. You know you will do your clothes at least once a week and as long as you have a week’s worth of clothes, you will be good.

How to Create Your Laundry Schedule


1. Evaluate your family’s laundry needs.

  • How many people are in your family?
  • Do you have enough clothes to last a week?
  • Are you so busy you can only do laundry once a week?
  • Do you have a big family and need to do a load or two a day, so it doesn’t pile up into a laundry mountain?
  • How many loads do you wash each week?
  • When would you rather do laundry? What day/time?


2. Lock in how many times a week you want/need to do laundry and what time.

  • Ex: I have a family of 4 and have about 4-6 loads of laundry a week. I would rather do laundry once to twice a week and not worry about it each day.
  • You don’t have to dedicate a time block just to washing laundry. This is one of the few things you can multitask on.  I start a load first thing in the morning on laundry day and then just go from there.  I wash, dry, and put away the load right away.  The washer and dryer stay on constantly until I am finished with all of the laundry.
  • Most people do laundry once-twice a week or daily. Pick a time that works best with your schedule and needs. 

Just take a few minutes to ponder this.  The beauty of routines is that they aren’t set in stone.  You can change them as your needs and seasons of life change.

Tips for Success:


1. Declutter your clothes. You forget about the good clothes that you actually like because they are covered up by the clothes you keep passing over every morning when you are getting ready.  Or your kids who just throw clothes out into the floor after they don’t fit, or they don’t like them anymore. 

You come in and don’t know if they are dirty or not and so you just wash them AGAIN.  Decluttering prevents this.  Here is how I keep my kid’s closet cleaned out most of the time.


2. Get help. You can hire help or delegate to a family member.  Get creative with this one.  Here are some ideas for getting help with laundry:

  • Hire outside help to clean your laundry.
  • Get your kids to wash and dry their own clothes.
  • You wash and dry and throw the clothes into a basket for the owner to fold/hang and put away.
  • You can do the clothes and let your husband or kids do the towels and bedding. (or vice versa).
  • Swap help with a friend.  She does your laundry and you provide free childcare.

Don’t be afraid to get creative.  There is no right or wrong way to get help.


3. Only buy easy to wash clothes. Don’t buy dry clean only things if you don’t want to take them to the cleaners.


4. Put a hamper in each room so they are always together and don’t have to be hunted down.


5. Treat stained clothes immediately. If you have a family member that is prone to stains, consider putting a bottle of stain remover by their hamper in their room (if they can do it themselves).  I did this when my children were infants.  I kept a bottle of Shout by their hamper to spray the clothes before throwing them into the hamper.  That way I didn’t have to make a special trip to the laundry room.  I just treated it and threw it into the pile with the other items.


6. Put up clothes as soon as they get out of the dryer. Don’t let them sit around all day.  I timed myself doing this one time and it doesn’t actually take but like 10 minutes at the absolute most to put away a load of clothes (and that was on tiny baby clothes with approximately one million pieces, LOL!).


7. Wash clothes by the person. This tip is a game-changer.  Washing clothes by the person is so much easier.  You don’t have to worry about matching a thousand pairs of socks that look alike.  You don’t have to worry about separating them by person every single time you pick up an item out of the basket to fold/hang.


8. Don’t sort the laundry. This one is a total time saver.  Don’t sort your clothes.  I separate my clothes into three piles.  Clothes, bedding, and towels.  That’s it.  I don’t sort lights and darks.  I do use a Color Catcher (LINK FROM AMAZON) when I am washing anything new.


9. Don’t get behind. This will make you dread doing laundry and procrastinate. When you procrastinate, the laundry pile just keeps getting bigger, and then you will never be able to talk yourself into doing it.


Laundry can be the bane of existence for a lot of people, but it doesn’t have to be.

I reframe it and look at it like I actually want to do laundry because I love clean clothes.  I want to be able to wear my clothes and so I want to clean them.

Now this doesn’t mean I am jumping up and down at the chance to do laundry, but it does put things into perspective and help me get out of any funks I might have around laundry.


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