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Why on earth is it so hard to save money?  I mean you add up your bills and your monthly income and it looks like you should have money left over, but that isn’t the case.  Month after month, your savings balance is a big fat zero.  Why do people find it so hard to save money? Here six things that make it hard for people to save money.

How to save when it is hard to save money

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How to save money every month when it is hard to save money.

  1. No budget

You don’t have a budget.  This sounds so obvious, but people don’t seem to do it.  They don’t budget.  They just live in dread and get all anxious every time they pull up their online banking to look at their balance.

A budget, according to the wise Dave Ramsey, is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.   No wonder why you can’t save money.  You don’t have a plan.

You don’t have to live like this.  Just get on a budget now and quit talking about it.  Talking about getting on a budget and getting on a budget are two different things.  Talking without action doesn’t do you any good.  Just get on a budget now.

Quit with the excuses.

  1. Living above your means

This is a side effect of not having a budget.  You live way above your means.  You spend BEFORE you pay bills.  You don’t have a plan, so you are all over the place.

You are constantly supplementing your income with your credit card.  You are letting the credit card take up the slack for your lack of planning.

When you do put money in the savings account, it comes right back out just as soon as it is deposited.

  1. Pay yourself FIRST

This also comes with the budget.  You budget, figure out how much to save and transfer the money to your savings account FIRST.  Not LAST.

When you pay yourself first, you don’t spend it because you don’t count on the money.  You transfer it to your savings account and just forget about it.

Tip: Setup an automatic transfer on your online banking so you don’t have to remember to do this.  Easy as pie!

  1. Subscriptions

How many subscriptions are you paying for?  If you don’t watch out, you will get subcriptioned to death.  You have a couple of magazine subscriptions, makeup boxes, dog subscription box, you name it and you have it.

All these little subscriptions add up quickly.  Cut them out. Like TODAY!

  1. No discipline

You don’t have enough discipline to save money.  You don’t have a budget and you can’t tell yourself no.  Or your kids for that matter.  How many times has your child asked for something not on the grocery list while you were shopping and you caved?

Just say no!

  1. Bad habits

Bad habits can really eat up your disposable income too.  Diet coke (cough, cough- talking to myself here!), smoking, energy drinks, and impulse purchases.

All of these add up quickly.  Just say no!

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