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If my child gets one more toy, I’m going to have to be committed. I know that’s what you’re thinking. It’s what is on the mind of all parents to small children as they are gearing up towards the holidays. Well, you’re in luck here. Gifts don’t always have to be toys.

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    This is Part 1 in a 3-Part Series on Christmas Gifts for Children. 

    Part 2: 23 Gift Ideas for Toddlers Under $15

    Part 3: 29 Kids Stocking Stuffer Ideas that Don’t Suck

    So, without further ado, let’s get into the list of gift ideas for kids that aren’t toys!!

    18 gift ideas for kids that aren’t toys.

    1. Memberships

    Memberships you can gift a child:

    • Zoo
    • Children’s museum
    • Theme parks

    2. Classes

    Classes ideas:

    • Music
    • Swim
    • Gymnastics
    • Art
    • Sports
    • Workshops- building things, cooking


    3. Books

    Books are amazing gifts for children. I get books from Amazon and Usborne. I like Usborne books because they are very versatile and have a guarantee. They have activity books, write-on books, books to use with flashlights, books with flaps, books with sound, books with reusable interactive stickers, and more.

    Our current favorites from Amazon & Usborne:

    4. Piggy Bank

    It’s never too late to start teaching your children about money. My children love their piggy banks. Here are the ones we have:

    5. Arts & Craft Supplies

    There are so many ideas for arts and crafts for children. They can keep children busy for hours. We love Crayola triangular crayons, Crayola Color Wonder Sets, colored pencils, twist up crayons, paint, etc. Here are some of our favorites.

    6. Backpack or Suitcase

    What little one doesn’t need a backpack to carry themselves and be more independent? They need a suitcase for slumber parties at Grandparent’s house too! Both of these have a ton of different options and color styles.


    7. Tickets

    Ticket ideas:

    • Sporting events
    • Musicals
    • Concerts for Children
    • Shows on Ice
    • Theater

    8. Subscription Boxes

    Subscription box ideas:

    Panda Crate

    • Helps young children hit their developmental milestones.
    • Ages Newborn-24 months

    Koala Crate

    • From KiwiCo, art activities for children.
    • Ages 2-4

    Kiwico Crates 

    • STEM activities for Kids (arts and science)
    • Ages 5-8

    Atlas Crate

    • Helps children learn about other cultures around the world.
    • Ages 6-11.

    Tinker Crate

    • From KiwiCo, a crate for kids who like to tinker.
    • Ages 9-16

    Doodle Crate

    • From KiwiCo, for kids who like to doodle and draw.
    • Ages 9-16

    Little Passports 

    • Helps children learn about the world.

    Little Passports- Science Expeditions

    • Science experiments for children.

    Green Kids Crafts

    • STEM art activities for your child.


    • Perfect for aspiring bakers


    • Cooking kits for young children.
    9. Bubbles

    What kid doesn’t love bubbles? You can play with them outside and even in the bathtub!

    10. Play-Doh

    What child doesn’t love Play-Doh? They even have activity sets perfect for working on fine motor skills!

    11.  Bath time Essentials

    You can buy your child something they’re already gonna use anyway in a different scent or with their favorite character. You know they will use it and they will love the change. You can even add in Crayola Color Drops to change the color of the water and kid-safe bath bombs.

    12. Bathtub Toys

    Our children love taking a bath. They are obsessed with bathtime toys. I know this is a toy list, but they only play with them once a day and then leave them in the tub.

    13. Games

    Games can help your child with all of their therapies at one time! They are very versatile and you can use them a ton of different ways. I have even used games as a therapy reward.

    14. Wheelchair Accessories (or any other medical accessories)

    Anyone with a wheelchair or durable medical equipment is always looking for ways to make it their own and less boring and hospital looking. LOL! Can’t go wrong with accessories.

    15. Weighted Blanket

    A lot of children with special needs LOVE weighted blankets.

    16. Watch

    For the children obsessed with time or learning to tell time.

    17. Kid’s Tablet

    Kids love tablets. These Amazon Fire Tablets for Kids are full of learning apps, games, books, videos, and more. They come with a durable case that withstands kids dropping them, a killer warranty, and a free year of Amazon Free Time. And they have parental controls too.

    18. Flashlight

    I don’t know what it is about flashlights, but kids are obsessed with them.

    19. Nail Polish

    Girls are obsessed with nail polish. They love picking out their own shade to look just like Mama.

    It’s totally possible to get a kid a great gift that has nothing to do with toys. There are so many options and they are really endless.


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    Want a more organized Christmas?

    Are you tired of rushing around and doing things at the last minute every single Christmas? Get the FREE 2020 Holiday Planner and learn to love the holidays again.

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