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Balancing all of your “hats” as a mom and manager of the home is hard work. You are juggling so many balls in the air at one time. When your life is busy and chaotic, it is easy to lose track of appointments.  True story- I have been in the parking deck of our Children’s Hospital about to take my daughter into an appointment when my phone dings. I look down and it's her physical therapist. She is at my house for an appointment. Facepalm. Not my best shining moment.

This was before I found the calendar app that helps me keep track of my daughter and ALL of her appointments. Swimming, gymnastics, 12 different doctors, and 2 therapists. That’s a lot of appointments. This is THE THING that helped me stop missing appointments and dropping the ball. Since I have implemented this app 3 years ago, the number of times I have forgotten an appointment can be counted on 1 hand. Yes- it’s that good!

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Without further ado- let’s get into the good stuff. The app that helps me keep our family’s insane schedule is Cozi. Cozi is by far (hands down), the best app for a crazy family schedule. Seriously. I’m not just saying that. I LOVE Cozi.

The problem without having a proven calendar system for a family:


Missed appointments

We all know when you miss an appointment for a specialist, you are going to be waiting a while- like 6 months or longer!


Busy and chaotic life

You have a lot going on and you can't possibly remember EVERYTHING all the time. You shouldn't have to either. Save your brain for things that require a little more brainpower.


Too crazy

Your schedule is crazy, and you can’t do a paper calendar because we all know it takes a village. You need to give the village (husband and other caretakers like babysitters, grandparents, etc.) access to the calendar and they can stop bugging you about the schedule 24/7. They just look at it and help themselves. Anything that gets something off your plate is AMAZING- right?!?!?!?


Mom guilt

The amount of mom guilt you suffer when you forget an appointment is crazy big! You don’t need to suffer unnecessarily.


Why Cozi?


Easy to use

Cozi is super easy to use. Really! Anyone can use it and look at it. It isn’t more complex like gCal (even though I love me some gCal too!). ALL of our family appointments are in Cozi.


Syncs across devices

Cozi syncs across other devices. That means everyone that needs access to the family calendar can view it. Your husband can have access. Your babysitter can have access. You don’t have to “share” anything with anyone. It just syncs automatically! Believe me, I know how important it is to get things on autopilot when you have a busy home. Keeping up with your family’s calendar should be on autopilot!



Cozi has a ton of features! Look below for a full list of features, what I LOVE, what I don’t use, etc.


Always have your phone

Seriously, you always have your phone. This is why this electronic calendar is LIFE. You never have to forget about an appointment again!


Cozi Features:


Free Version

The free version of Cozi is AMAZING! You seriously never have to upgrade to the paid version Cozi Gold if you don’t want to. Cozi has so many features available on the free version. I used the free version for 3 years before converting to Gold.

Family Calendar

Cozi is MADE for busy family calendars. You set up your family and assign each member a color. You can even set up pets too! When you create an event, you click on the family members going to that event. You can put in other things too. If you put in the address, it will sync to Google maps and help give you directions to the appointment.


Here are the things you can customize in the family calendar:

  • Names (color-coded)
  • Event Title
  • Location
  • Who’s Going (with family members names on a drop-down box)
  • Check if it’s all day long
  • Start date and time
  • End date and time
  • Repeats (this feature alone is AMAZING!)
  • End repeats
  • Reminders
  • Notes

You can seriously put everything in there. It is a one-stop-shop for your appointments.

To-Do Lists

You can keep your to-do list in the app too! I used to use this, but now I use gCal for my to-do list and time blocking I use the To-Do List section for other types of lists now.

Here are the types of lists I keep in my To-Do List section:

  • Honey Do list for my husband
  • Packing list for each family member
  • Gift ideas for each season (Easter, birthday, Christmas, etc.)

Shopping List

I use this one daily. If I realize we’re out of something, I immediately put it into my shopping list before I forget. You can also separate your shopping lists if you shop at more than one store.


You can use Cozi for a place to store your recipes. I use my Pinterest boards for this and do not use this feature.



I have an old-fashioned spiral notebook for my journal and do not use this option either.



I love the reminders function so much! This is synced with the family calendar section. It can send your family members a notification when you add a new event that pertains to them and it can send a reminder before an event too! I LOVE the reminders. Cozi also emails you a copy of your weekly calendar every week and your daily calendar every day.



All About Cozi Gold (totally optional!)

Cozi Gold is the paid version of Cozi. I just upgraded about a year and a half ago.

Cozi Gold has the same features as the paid version PLUS the following features:

  • Monthly view calendar
  • Ability to search inside of the calendar (see when your child had a certain appointment in the past or in the future)
  • Multiple reminders (free only has 1 reminder)
  • Shopping mode- easier way to look at your shopping list
  • The annual price for Gold: $29.99

If you are on the fence about Cozi Gold, just try the free version first. Then you can see if you want to try the Gold level.

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How to Get in on the Awesomeness Yourself

Cozi is available on iPhones, Android Phones, and web browsers! It’s free to use. You can sign up here.


Cozi is so amazing that I honestly could go on and on and on again. It has saved my sanity more times than I can count. It is amazing and works so well for busy families and their appointments. I have loved Cozi since the moment I installed it on my phone. I stopped talking to my family about the appointments. I would tell them it's in Cozi- check Cozi. I didn't have to remember to communicate with tons of people about appointments, they were all in the calendar. This has saved my family so much time and headache! Do yourself a favor and download Cozi today. It's free so you have nothing to lose.