Things I Recommend

Special Needs Resources & Tools:

Joyfully Unexpected Resource Library Our free resource library full of things to help you on your special needs journey.


Money & Finance:

EveryDollar- An app created by Dave Ramsey and his team.  It's free to use to create your budget, track your expenses, and more!

Rakuten- Whenever you want to buy something online, just sign into your Rakuten account and search for the company. Buy through their link and save money on your purchases.  The rebate amount varies and they payout quarterly.


Household Services: 

Grocery Pickup Services from your local grocery store- just use their app to order, schedule a pickup time, and get groceries brought out to your car.

Wal-Mart Pickup

Target Driveup

Grocery Delivery Services from your favorite grocery stores delivered to your front door.



Restaurant Meal Delivery Services get meals from your favorite local restaurants delivered to your door.

UberEats       use code eats-jenniferj86x3ui for $7.00 off your first order



And more!!  Check your favorite restaurants to see who their delivery partner is.

Meal Delivery Services get fresh meal kits delivered to your house already prepped.  All you have to do is cook.



Blue Apron

Household Tools: 

Roomba Vacuum Cleaner- battery operated vacuum cleaner to help you keep your floors clean

Programmable Coffee Pot- always wake up to hot fresh coffee every single morning

Programmable Crock Pot- program your slow cooker to cook your meal and then switch to warming mode until you're ready for dinner

Instant Pot- cook meals in just minutes

Amazon Alexa- Amazon's virutal assistant device.  This device can control your smart house devices, check your calendar, set a time, set an alarm, give you the weather, play music, read books, and more.  Alexa is great for children with special needs because your child can turn their lights & ceiling fans on/off in their rooms, play music, set an alarm, and more on their own without help from Mom and Dad. There is also a kids version with parental controls.