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What parent isn’t tired of getting toys for Christmas? At least do yourself a favor and request toys that pull double duty. You can get toys that double as therapy toys too!! Every time you see your child playing with them, you know they’re getting a little bit of therapy in too.

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1. Board Book with Sound

This helps your child and their development. They get to learn all sorts of things like using their fine motor skills to push the buttons and cause and effect. They are also good for speech therapy!

2. Touch and Feel Book

This is perfect for little explorers.  Little ones love feeling the textures of each page. They can learn to identify colors, animals, make animal sounds, and count. 

3. Play-Doh

Play-Doh is a must-have. It's so good for therapy and development. Not to mention it's the perfect rainy-day activity.

4. Wooden Puzzles with Sound

Wooden puzzles are amazing!!The children use their fine motors to put the puzzle pieces on and off the board and then the puzzle makes a sound. Great for learning cause and effect. You can use it for speech therapy and have them identify the colors, animals, etc.

5. String Toy

String toys are amazing for fine motor skills and language development! They can help children learn count, pronounce sounds, name animals, and more!

6. Microphone

Because, what child doesn’t want a microphone to scream into to help them vocalize more for speech therapy, LOL!  Seriously, if you have a child with a speech delay, grab one of these today. 

7. Sorting Blocks

Children are obsessed with these block sorters. They help them with their fine motors as they practice putting the shapes into the right slot. They can also identify colors, shapes, count, balance while playing, and more. 

8. Stacking Rings

This will keep your child busy for hours. They will love pulling the rings on and off. 

9. Stacking Cups

This old fashioned toy is still loved by kids today. They are obsessed with stacking them inside of each other or building a tall tower just to knock it down. They can use this in any of their therapies (speech, OT, & PT).

10. Lacing Cards

Want to get on your OT’s good side? Get these and they will love you forever!!

11. Pop-Up Toy

Children love these toys. Especially when you add sound effects as the animal is popping up. LOL! This will keep your child busy for a while, help their fine motor skills, and teach them cause and effect.

12. Finger Paint

Finger painting is a great sensory & fine motors skills activity for all children. They can play it in the bathtub, outside, or in their highchair. It does get messy, but children love it. You can also give them other things to play with the finger paint with like Q-Tips, cotton balls, paint brushes, a clean toothbrush, spoon, etc. They can be busy for hours.

13. Triangular Crayons

If you have a little one learning how to hold onto a crayon, these are perfect. The triangle shape helps them form the correct pincer grasp.

14. Dancing Robot

At just under 6″ tall, this dancing little robot is perfect for your music-loving toddler.  The robot lights up and plays music and encourages your baby to dance! This is perfect for all 3 therapies (speech, PT, & OT).

15. Baby Doll & Accessories

All little children love babies, boys and girls. They can learn how to feed the baby, change the baby's diaper, hug the baby, etc. They can learn about the parts of the body with the baby. They can learn how to take the bib on and off. The therapy possibilites are endless with baby dolls. 

16. Big Blocks

Every toddler needs big blocks.  They will be obsessed with these. They can take them in an out of containers, stack them up, identify colors, count, and more! The possibilities are endless.

17. Ball Pit

Ball pits are a little messy for the parents, but kids love them. They will spend hours playing in this ball pit. They can play inside or outside with this toy. You can also teach them to clean up after themselves because a ball or several always end up outside of the pit. 

18. Musical Instruments

Children love musical instruments. They are wonderful for speech therapy too. Your child won't even know they're working on therapy goals too.

19. Fine Motor Toys

Your children will love these toys and they'll help their fine motor skills too. You can even make a game out of both toys too. You can see how fast they can pick up one water bead or poke a quill through the hedgehog.

20. Speech Therapy Toys

These toys are great for encouraging speech, taking turns, identifying colors, sounds, naming food, etc. Your therapist will love them too.


21. Gross Motor Skills Toys

These toys are perfect for helping your child with their gross motor skills. They will love throwing the bowling ball to try to knock down pins. They will also love pulling the truck with them everywere they go. 


22. Side Walk Chalk

Your child will love this side walk chalk. It will keep them busy for hours. Just be sure to schedule time for a bath afterwards. LOL. They can learn the correct pincer grasp as they hold the chalk. They can count the pieces of chalk, identify the colors of the chalk, practice handwriting, and more. 

23. Art Supplies

Children love getting creative. You can get colored pencils, crayons, twist up crayons, glitter crayons, Color Wonder Markers, etc. They will love coloring until their heart's content.

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