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I think the kids need a few more toys, said no parent ever. If you are dreading the holidays because of the large number of toys you know are about to grace your doorstep, listen up. You don’t have to be overwhelmed with toys during the holidays (or any other time for that matter), anymore. You can enjoy the holidays without feeling like you are buried underneath the piles of toys your kids just received. We will cover everything you need to know to kiss your holiday toy anxiety goodbye.

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Steps to take before Christmas:

1.  Declutter the toys your children have.

Here are some helpful tips for decluttering kids’ toys:

  • Rip off the Band-Aid and pull everything out into the open.
  • Then, look at each toy and ask yourself these 2 questions:
    • Does my child use this?
    • Would I rebuy this right now if my child didn’t have it?
  • After purge- donate the toys to your local therapist or therapy center. They love donations and if they don’t use it at the center, they can give it to a family in need. You could also take them to Nana’s house to play with while they are there.

2. Encourage your family members (or whoever else is buying gifts) to:

  • Buy non-toy gifts.
  • Go in together and get a higher-priced group gift. Your child gets less presents (bonus for you) and they get something they really love and will actually use.
  • If they happen to get toys, get multi-use toys.
  • Create a gift idea list for each child and then screenshot it to whoever requests a gift idea. Pssst: We have one available in our FREE 2020 Christmas Planner. Sign-up for your free copy HERE.
  • Do Dirty Santa or Secret Santa at a grandparent or extended family member's house. That way your child walks away with 1 gift and not 10. They get a higher-quality gift that they actually want and will use.
  • Get outside gifts that won't be cluttering up your house. They can get ride-on toys, water tables, swing sets, sandboxes, etc. There are so many ideas for outside toys or activities for your children.
  • Pick toys that don't come with 5,000 parts. If your child wants dinosaurs, get a pack with like 5-6 dinosaurs in it instead of the mega 100 pack. 

After Christmas:

Go through all of the toys. There are a ton of options for the toys:

  • Keep them if your children are actually going to use them.
  • Return them to the store.
  • Donate them to someone in need or a therapy center.
  • Take them to Nana’s house for them to play with over there. (This is also a great option for duplicate toys that you know your kids will love. They can play with one at your house and one at Nana’s.
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Know that you can use these tips to help you work smarter and not harder and get ahead of the toy overwhelm from the holidays. You don't have to have all of those toys. There are so many studies that show the negative side effects of too many toys for children.  Child behavior experts link too many toys to bad behavior, and they are also bad for your child’s development . I personally think toys are okay especially from a therapy perspective, BUT I am a minimalist and would rather my children have a smaller number of toys they actually play with than a bunch of toys they never touch.


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