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So, if you have a routine, or somewhat of a routine, what about the days when the stuff hits the fan and you realize you can’t do it all because you simply don’t have the time.  This could happen at any time.  Maybe your husband unexpectedly has to work late. Maybe you have a last-minute doctor's appointment.

Maybe you get stuck in traffic on the way home from the appointment.  Anything is prone to happen. So, what do you do when something outside of your control happens? Do you scrap your routine? Do you do part of it?

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When the stuff hits the fan, you just do the top 3.  Take your routine, compare it to your priorities and what matters to you, and pick 3 things.  When you can't do it all, just do the 3 things.


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Questions to ask yourself to determine your top 3 things from your routines:


What matters to me the most to get done?

Think about what matters to you the most.  If you don’t mind the trash piling up but dirty dishes in the sink makes you want to lose it, then clean the dishes would be in your top 3.

I feel that way about making a bed.  It doesn’t take that long to do and it makes me so happy and makes my room feel so clean when I walk into it and see the bed made.

Look at your routine and think about what you would want to be done if you only had 3 things to do.  Those are the items you want in your top 3 must-do items.


What do you have time for?

Which of these things do you really have time for? If you have maybe 8 minutes to do 3 things, do you really think you can load the dishwasher if the sink is mounding over with dirty dishes? No.  If there were only a few dirty dishes, then yes.  What are quick things that make a big difference on your routine list?

What sets you up better for success?

I think a clean kitchen, bed made, and trash is taken out to make a huge difference to me. If I walk into my kitchen and the container of peanut butter is out from this morning’s lunch making session, the kitchen can still look clean because the trash is taken out and there aren’t dishes all over the place.  These are small things that pack a big punch and the fact that they don’t take that long to do is a bonus.

Figuring out what your top 3 things are can really help you when you are in a time crunch with your routines.  You can make time to hustle and complete 3 things quickly.  Just pick 3 things that pack a big bunch with a little time commitment. Doing these things will help you feel like you are ahead even if you didn’t do your whole morning routine because you woke up late.

 Routines aren't ironclad. They are meant to change with you during different seasons of your life.  When you have a newborn baby waking you up every 2 hours to eat, you can’t have an extensive morning routine because you want to sleep in later. But when your children get older and more self-sufficient you can make more time to do things that matter to you like creating a morning routine.

 Right now, I have a 4-year-old daughter and a 2-year-old son. I get up earlier than them to have some me time and be ready before they wake up. But afternoon after I pick them up from daycare and preschool, it is all hands on deck until they go to bed. LOL.


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Your seasons will change and that will cause what times of the day you have more time and what your priorities are will change. If your kid is on 3 different travel ball teams, I can bet you’re not cooking at home that much. You’re probably eating out a lot. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, I’m just saying your life changes and your routines should change with it.

If you have to change your routines for whatever reason (even temporarily because you woke up late) don’t get your panties in a wad and think you’re a failure. You’re not a failure. Routines are meant to change and work WITH you and not AGAINST you. Just go with the flow and adjust as needed.

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