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I know you are obsessed with making lists.  You have lists for everything.  How easy is it to get wrapped up in your to-do list?  Your type A personality gets so into marking things off the list.  I put everything on the to-do list and it makes me feel so good to mark things off the list.  Is there a such thing as getting too wrapped up in your to-do list?  Like if it isn’t on your to-do list it won’t get done and it won’t happen?

why daily to do lists can be a distraction

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Enjoy the moment.

I know you have the compulsion to plan everything.  If it isn’t planned, it won’t happen.  Just learn to live in the moment.  Enjoy life.

Your kids will only be young once.

My son is going through a clingy stage.  That is terrible news for my to-do list!!  Sometimes, I feel like I can’t do anything because he wants to be held.  I try to live in the moment and just hold him.  He will only be young once.  He will not want to cuddle his whole life.

I don’t want to look back in life and realize I could have thrown the to-do list out the window and spent more time with my children.

The world won’t crumble because you don’t get to something on a certain day.

This one is tough for some people with a type A personality like me.  I feel like I HAVE to get XYZ done on a certain day or the world will come to an end.  This isn’t true.

I mean so you normally do your laundry on Saturday and you just couldn’t get to it this Saturday.  So what!  No big deal.  Just do it when you can.  It isn’t terrible that you didn’t get it done on Saturday.

You probably have too many things on your to do list anyway.

You probably have too many things on your to do list anyway.  Like things that don’t matter.  I used to be the world’s worst at having a never ending to do list.  I had EVERYTHING on there!  Seriously.

I started putting some items on the Reminders app for ipHone.  I have started not putting as much on my to do list.  I mean you seriously don’t need to have all of that stuff on your to do list anyway.

What are your priorities and goals?  If you have something that doesn’t mean a hill of beans on there then take it off.  You don’t need to worry yourself about completing your to do list when you have a bunch of meaningless stuff on there.

Take a break and watch Elmo (or whatever you kid likes) with your son!  He will only be young once.

A to-do list is important, and it is so important to get things done.  While these things are so important, remember to live a little.

Throw that list out every once in a while, and spend time with your children!  Take about ½ of the things off your list.  You have too much on there anyway.

Live in the moment and don’t be upset if you don’t get something done on a certain day.  Just give yourself grace and relax.